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We think this is going to be your best rental experience yet. You’ll find a team of property managers and support staff who are eager to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy a pleasant and positive tenancy. If there’s anything you need now or in the future, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Whether you have questions during the application process, as you’re moving in, or halfway through your lease – we’re here. Let us offer you the resources, tools, and support you need to enjoy a fantastic time in your home.

Can I move in with pets?

Many of our properties are pet-friendly. If you’re moving in with a pet, we’ll discuss our pet policy with you.

What if I have a service or support animal?

You’ll want to visit our policy on this matter. We comply with all fair housing requirements.

When can I move in?

The move-in date depends on the property and when it will be ready. We’ll discuss move-in dates and move-in funds once you’re approved.

How do I pay rent?

We provide a secure and convenient online portal for rental payments and maintenance requests.

What happens if I pay rent late?

You’ll receive a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit. You’ll also be responsible for paying a late fee.


Please be prepared to pay the application fee as outlined in the property listing. In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification, proof of income and complete the income verification report. All of this is mandatory to be considered for qualification.

Providing ANY false information shall be grounds for rejection or subsequent termination of tenancy.


You must have a verifiable gross income of three times the monthly rent. All income must be verifiable. We accept proof via most current pay check stub, W-2, government-issued statements (SSI, SSD, etc.), annuity statements and/or tax return.


Credit scores, judgments, collections, late payments, and debt to income ratio are all used in determining approval for a property. An approved credit score is 680 or above (at the time of this update, we are currently using Transunion). A credit score of 640 to 679 may be able to attain a Conditional Qualification (often with a co-signor and/or a higher deposit); a credit score below 640 in most cases will be grounds for an automatic denial of the application. Any applicants owing utility companies and past landlords must pay off these balances and provide proof prior to being approved or attaining a Conditional Qualification.


You must tell us where you have lived for the last SEVEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS with no gaps in the date ranges even if you have not rented. Rental history of at least three years must be verifiable from independent, unrelated sources. Landlord references are very important. The way you paid your rent and took care of the property provides the best indication of how you will deal with future rentals. If we cannot speak with your previous landlords, we may not be able to complete the application. Negative information received from a landlord will result in denial of the application. Renting from friends or family will not be considered. If you do not have the required rental history, but meet our other guidelines, you may be eligible for a Conditional Qualification.


We normally do not rent to anyone who has been evicted, however we may consider your tenancy if the eviction was over five years ago and was for nonpayment of rent, you currently have sufficient income, you have had perfect rental history since the eviction, you do not owe a landlord money, there has not been more than one eviction, there is no negative information received from the evicting landlord except for nonpayment. In this case, you may be eligible for a Conditional Qualification.

Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application. We support Equal Housing Opportunity and encourage users of our site to follow appropriate guidelines to comply with the Federal Housing Act, as well as any applicable state and local regulations. All renters are hereby informed that all property rental offers are available on an equal opportunity basis.


A welcoming environment is paramount to all of our residents with or without pets as well as animals. To help ensure ALL of our residents understand our pet and animal-related policies, we use a third-party screening service and require EVERYONE to complete a profile. This process ensures we have formalized pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments and more accurate records to create greater mutual accountability. If you need accommodation in another way, please contact your housing provider.

Please get started by selecting a profile category on our landing page:

Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application. We support Equal Housing Opportunity and encourage users of our site to follow appropriate guidelines to comply with the Federal Housing Act, as well as any applicable state and local regulations. All renters are hereby informed that all property rental offers are available on an equal opportunity basis.


The Krystle Properties Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of your home second nature. By applying, Applicant agrees to be enrolled and to pay the applicable cost of $40.95/month, payable with rent. 

Your RBP may include, subject to property mechanicals or other limitations:

  • Renters Insurance that meets all lease requirements from an A-rated carrier
  • HVAC air filter delivery directly to your door approximately every 180 days.
  • Utility concierge service: one call set up your utility services, cable, and internet services
  • A resident rewards program that helps you earn rewards for paying your rent on time.
  • Credit building to help boost your credit score with timely rent payments.
  • $1M Identity Protection for all adult leaseholders
  • 24/7 online maintenance reporting
  • Home buying assistance for when the time is right to buy your “forever” home.
  • Online portal: Access to your account, documents, communication and payment options.
  • Vetted vendor network: we find the technicians who are reputable, licensed, and insured.

Renters Insurance requirements and options:

The Landlord requires Tenant obtain liability coverage of at least $100,000 in property damage and legal liability from an A-rated carrier and to maintain such coverage throughout the entire term of the lease agreement. Tenant is required to furnish Landlord evidence of the required insurance prior to occupancy, at the time of each lease renewal period, and upon request.

To satisfy the insurance requirement, Tenant may either (1) be automatically enrolled into a policy that satisfies the coverage requirements as part of the Resident Benefits Package; or (2) obtain alternative liability coverage from an insurer of Tenant’s choice. The option Tenant chooses will not affect whether Tenant’s lease application is approved or the terms of Tenant’s Lease.

Option 1: Do nothing. Tenant will be automatically enrolled into an insurance policy as part of the Resident Benefits Package. No further action is required. Coverage will begin on the effective date of Tenant’s lease and continue throughout the lease term. Please refer to the evidence of insurance that is supplied by Krystal Properties for additional coverage details. The Resident Benefits Package monthly rate will be adjusted by the premium amount in the policy. 

Option 2: Buy a policy. If Tenant prefers, Tenant may find, purchase, and maintain another policy that satisfies the Landlord’s requirements. The Resident Benefits Package monthly amount will be adjusted accordingly. Visit and follow the instructions listed there to provide evidence of the required insurance coverage to your Landlord. It is Tenant’s responsibility to pay premiums directly to your insurance provider. If the policy is terminated or lapses, Tenant will be subject to a lease violation fee of $25 and agrees to be subsequently enrolled into the policy referenced in Option 1 above.

Please be sure that your policy meets the following criteria prior to submitting:

  • Policy is purchased from an A-rated carrier
  • Policy meets or exceeds the required $100,000 in property damage and legal liability
  • Krystle Properties is listed as additional interest
  • Krystle Properties address is listed as: PO Box 660121 Dallas, TX 75266

NOTE: The total monthly cost of the Resident Benefits Package is all-inclusive, and no discounts will be given if any element of the package is unavailable due to a lack of HVAC or another limitation at a specific property.


If any member of your party lacks sufficient rental history, has a credit score below 680 or has been at their job for less than one year you may qualify for a Conditional Qualification. To achieve a Conditional Qualification, our applications manager will work with you in a deeper application review process in an attempt to better understand your qualification level and help you present your case to potential property owners. A Conditional Qualification is not an approval and not all property owners will consider an application with a Conditional Qualification.

Terms of a Conditional Qualification could include a larger security deposit and/or a co-signor. A co-signor must have an established credit history with a credit score of not less than 680 and a verifiable monthly income of four times the amount of the rent.

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