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“Days before the x-mas weekend our furnace failed. Immediately when reported the Krystle Property office gave us a space heater and sent over a well known professional company.
Before the new year arrived they replaced and updated the furnace with new ducting and shrouding with a new digital thermostat control. They also did a custom installation in maybe three hours. I will admit I am impressed with how well everyone at Krystle performed when needed.
Many thanks to the Krystle Property Team”

-Scott T.

Providing Property Management in Vallejo and the Surrounding Areas

Vallejo CA


Vallejo is an attractive place for tenants to live, which means you’ll have an established, qualified pool of residents looking for quality housing. It’s a great place to live and an even better place to invest. With abundant recreation, cultural sites and museums, and great schools, the community is attractive for home buyers, residents, and real estate investors.



On the northern point of the San Francisco Bay area, Benicia attracts visitors and residents with its fantastic weather, beautiful scenery, and easy proximity to large cities, natural recreation areas, and small towns. This is the place to enjoy a bit of California’s Wild West history while enjoying a modern, contemporary vibe. Investing in Benicia is a great idea.



With a diverse and growing economy, Fairfield is attracting more and more residents to the area. People come for the great schools, the career opportunities, and the proximity to San Francisco and the entire Bay area. Invest in Fairfield when you’re looking for short term and long term income opportunities; you’ll find a stable tenant pool and some great opportunities.

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