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BOOKKEEPER – $15-$20/hour

We are looking to fill this full time job ASAP. We are looking for a person with bookkeeping experience or who has years of admin or other related experience. This job includes a lot of data entry and numbers so paying attention to detail is key. Property management experience is a plus. Starting pay is $15-$20 per hour with paid time off & benefits. Promptly, submit resumes to

Detailed Job Description

Accounts Receivable – With accuracy: enter tenant & owner payments, export housing & paylease payments and record payments in software, allocate payments appropriately, and process bank deposits for two bank accounts with extreme caution not to comingle funds. Use of a check scanner & online banking knowledge needed for remote desktop bank deposits. Commercial Chico account receivables need to be allocated amongst two accounts (Rent & CAM) for each tenant. Holding funds for upcoming tenant move-outs, sale of property or major maintenance work. Sending unpaid charges reports to tenants if their balance is still not paid in full after they’ve received a delinquent notice & they’ve since made a partial payment.

Accounts Payable – With accuracy: process payments for monthly reoccurring mortgage payments, non-resident withholding taxes, HOA, insurance, utility billing, vendors (on the 10th & 25th of each month). Make changes to reoccurring amounts as notified. Oversee all aspects of property tax bill payments, mortgage payments & non-resident withholding tax payments including reporting to the CA Franchise Tax Board on a quarterly basis. Owner payments via direct deposit and paper check payments being mindful to exceptions: some owners want a set amount sent to them each month & some payments have to be held for 4 business days if KPM is not holding security deposit funds & the tenant did not pay with certified funds. Have checks signed and check for signatures before payments are disbursed to Utility Account Manager, Maintenance Department, or mailed. Request funds from owner clients as needed in order to pay invoices.

General Ledger – Maintain accurate financial reports and balances between two operating bank accounts with extreme caution not to comingle funds. Perform monthly account reconciliations for each bank account. Transferring funds between an owner’s properties as needed. Cross reference online banking information for accuracy or any odd activity such as returned payments. End of month reporting (Close Books) and monthly reports sent to owners. Absolutely no negative account balances at any time.

Non-Resident Withholding Taxes – Send out-of-state owners correct Non-Resident Withholding Tax forms including a form 588 waiver if they believe they qualify. Send form 588 waiver to CA FTB and await a response (up to 21 days); continue to withhold 7% of monthly income less management fee until decision from CA FTB is received. If it is approved, reimburse the held funds to owners account & if it is denied then continue to withhold monthly by creating a reoccurring payable. Four times per year, report withheld amounts to CA FTB based on their required reporting dates, using forms 592 & 592-V and a 592-B for owners’ tax records.

End of Year 1099-M Tax Prep – Print Year-End statements by property for the 1st through the last day of the year. Prepare 1099-M reporting for owners and vendors checking for accuracy (names, SSN, addresses & amounts reported) before submitting to Accupay Systems for 1099-M printing & reporting to IRS & CA FTB. Once printed 1099’s are received from Accupay Systems, each owner’s year-end statement (by property) needs to be added to their 1099-M copy and mailed to the client along with any other tax documentation received by KPM including but not limited to mortgage 1098’s and non-resident withholding 592-B forms.

Delinquent Tenant Rent Collections – Knowledge of tenant reporting features. 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit preparation including copies to cosigners & housing authorities as needed. Delinquent Rent Noticing including copies to cosigners & housing authorities as needed. Notifying owners of delinquency and payment proposals from tenants and keeping owners updated if payment plan falls through. Coming up with strategic payment plans. Staying on top of tenant payment dates by use of email, phone, and outlook calendar reminders. Notifying owners of eviction options. Maintain delinquency rate of no more than 8 tenants owing rent at the end of each month and no tenants at more than one month past due. Staying in communication with delinquent tenants by phone, email & mail including other financially responsible parties such as cosigners.

Keeping Accurate Profiles in Software – Create new Owner Profiles with correct accounting set up. Two or more owners will each need a W-9 completed. Create new Property Profiles with correct descriptions, maintenance limits, ownership information, account reserves (security deposit funds & $250 maintenance reserve) and units/descriptions. Move-in & move-out tenants. Notifying owners of new leases. Sending tenant portal activation links to tenants. Closing out properties that have been sold or KPM no longer manages. Updating Nighttenders website for new properties and no longer managed properties.

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