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How to Screen Rental Applicants | Best Tenant Screening Practices in Vallejo, CA

At Krystle Properties, our marketing strategies are effective, and we receive a lot of inquiries from potential tenants. To find tenants who are well-qualified, we have an extensive tenant screening process. Our standards are high, and we expect to place the best tenants we can find in your rental property. 

Questions for Prospective Tenants: Establishing Rental Criteria

Ask your prospective tenants a few questions before you show them the property so you can pre-qualify them. It’s acceptable to ask why they’re moving, when they plan to move, and how much income they earn. Ask if they have any past evictions. Provide any interested party with a written copy of your rental criteria. This is your opportunity to share your qualifying standards. If someone does not think they will meet those standards, they won’t waste your time or their own by applying for the home. Be clear about your criteria from the beginning so you’re only screening pre-qualified renters.

How to Screen Rental Applicants

The best tenant screening process will include a tenant background check and a credit check. You’re looking for red flags such as prior evictions, a violent criminal history, or a long list of unpaid bills. In addition to your rental background check, you should also speak to the applicant’s employer and verify income by asking to see pay stubs. Gather landlord references as well. Find out if the tenant paid rent on time and took care of the property. Invest in online technology that will allow you to find out where they really live and who their landlord really is. You may otherwise find you’re talking to a friend or family member of the tenant’s.

Fair Housing Compliance

Complying with federal, state, and local fair housing laws is not optional. You must make sure you aren’t asking any discriminatory questions or using language in your advertising that could be construed as unfair. Talk to a property manager, because these laws change all the time. You don’t want to find yourself paying hefty fines or defending yourself in a fair housing lawsuit.

Our screening department focuses all their time on screening tenants. They aren’t distracted by leasing or other activities. We recommend that you be willing to invest in a good screening service. Don’t choose the company with the lowest rates. You want the best credit and eviction reports available.

If you have any questions or need any help with tenant screening, please contact us at Krystle Properties.

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