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How to Find a Good Tenant That Will Care for My Vallejo Rental Property

A good tenant will take care of your rental property, fulfill the terms of your lease agreement, and pay rent on time every month. The best way to find well-qualified tenants is to cast a wide net through strategic marketing. Then, you need a screening process that helps you find someone with a record of responsible behavior. Today, we’re sharing three ways to find and place a great tenant.

Finding Good Tenants: Marketing

Marketing and advertising is important because you want to make sure the top tenants see your listing. Most people are looking for rental homes online now, and the best way to find tenants for rental property is to advertise on the most popular rental websites. At Krystle Properties, we advertise our properties on 40 different websites, including our own. We also use social media to spread the word about the great homes we have available. Make sure you have a marketing plan in place that will reach the maximum number of prospects.

Best Tenant Screening Practices

As you’re looking for tenants to rent your home, you will set up showings and answer questions. When someone wants to apply, provide your rental criteria with the application. You should do a tenant background check that includes looking at criminal history and credit history. Talk to former and current landlords, and verify employment and income. Be careful of tenants who have past evictions or a lot of unpaid debt.

Finding a Tenant for My Property: Fair Housing and Discrimination

Always make sure you are legally compliant with your marketing and screening procedures. It’s important to treat every applicant the same way. Have a written set of rental criteria, and screen every application consistently. You need to document your procedures and your actions. Sometimes, landlords violate fair housing laws without meaning to. The way you word your advertisements can be seen as discriminatory if you’re not careful.

Evicting a tenant is expensive and time consuming, and one of the best ways to avoid eviction is with excellent tenant screening. If you need help with this, please contact us at Krystle Properties.

Posted by: Admin on March 6, 2018
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